Important! Read this carefully before attending a ceremony!

All participants should be aware of and agree with the following conditions. Please be informed that during the Toad Medicine ceremony. Dr Octavio Rettig:

  • Might pour water on a participants face or in a participants mouth during the ceremony to stimulate a breathing or swallowing response.
  • Can administer very small electrical shocks with a toy to keep a participant from lying down during the peak of the ceremony.
  • Will blow rapé up a participants nose right after the peak of the experience. This is to ground the participant and it can also help the body to purge low energies that came loose during the ceremony.

All these actions have been carefully tested and have proven their unique value as a part of the neo shamanistic rituals that Dr Rettig developed while working with the toad medicine. They have significantly increased the results and improved the wellbeing of participants during and after the ceremonies.


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