sharing essence of life journey trough “me”

i had my very first toad medicne in2015 which is on Youtube
“Dr Octavio Rettig with Brian first hit ”

” Dr Octavio Rettig with Brian 2″

which says all by it self.
and i would say in brief that it was the best ever dream came trough “me”.
and i had the privilege to meet Dr Octavio again after two years
and He use the Rape on me as i was coming out of the experience and it got me purging and clinging lot of stuff carrying in my body and mind system.ever since i am becoming less and less of something unwanted and more and more of wholeness and bliss seems all comes in abundance .
i highly recommend this medicine and Dr Octavio Rettig”s facilitation for any one who is ready for it.
all i know is i deserve it .
its our sincere with that who ever is ready for it , its time to see this form your own eyes
. once this evolutionary medicine hit the some of us ,

glimpse of Heaven arriving here on Earth.

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