Thank you Octavio!

My wife and I had a bufo alvarius ceremony with another shaman. When we went home my wife was having a very difficult time and the shaman in Costa Rica did not respond at all. I reached out to Octavio and asked him for help and he gave me instructions that helped me to calm down my wife. This man had no obligation to help me, but he reached out to me an I am eternally greatful to him!

Best wishes

thank you

thank you for bringing all that love and joy in my life… it is too amazing to express with words… but you guys know I guess 🙂

Incredible! Thank you, Octavio!

The cérémony with Octavio was fantastic. Being on the Medicine I deeply could see and understand why he does it the way he does it. It is just perfect. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you, Octavio for sharing so much healing with us!

sharing essence of life journey trough “me”

i had my very first toad medicne in2015 which is on Youtube
“Dr Octavio Rettig with Brian first hit ”

” Dr Octavio Rettig with Brian 2″

which says all by it self.
and i would say in brief that it was the best ever dream came trough “me”.
and i had the privilege to meet Dr Octavio again after two years
and He use the Rape on me as i was coming out of the experience and it got me purging and clinging lot of stuff carrying in my body and mind system.ever since i am becoming less and less of something unwanted and more and more of wholeness and bliss seems all comes in abundance .
i highly recommend this medicine and Dr Octavio Rettig”s facilitation for any one who is ready for it.
all i know is i deserve it .
its our sincere with that who ever is ready for it , its time to see this form your own eyes
. once this evolutionary medicine hit the some of us ,

glimpse of Heaven arriving here on Earth.

Review by P. Jansen – the Netherlands

Since i’ve had heared about the experience with Dr Octavio Rettig from two friends that did a ceremony with him in Mexico, i knew that i had to do it myself. During his visit in the Netherlands i participated a ceremony wich i will never forget. It changed my life in the most beautifull way. Octavio is a very special man with a lot of knowledge and respect for the toad medicine. His positive vibes and good care made me trust him completely. The guidence he gave me during my ‘travel’ was amazing. He knows exactly how to treat everyone differently, just the way you need it.

Important! Read this carefully before attending a ceremony!

All participants should be aware of and agree with the following conditions. Please be informed that during the Toad Medicine ceremony. Dr Octavio Rettig:

  • Might pour water on a participants face or in a participants mouth during the ceremony to stimulate a breathing or swallowing response.
  • Can administer very small electrical shocks with a toy to keep a participant from lying down during the peak of the ceremony.
  • Will blow rapĂ© up a participants nose right after the peak of the experience. This is to ground the participant and it can also help the body to purge low energies that came loose during the ceremony.

All these actions have been carefully tested and have proven their unique value as a part of the neo shamanistic rituals that Dr Rettig developed while working with the toad medicine. They have significantly increased the results and improved the wellbeing of participants during and after the ceremonies.