Bufo Day Retreat Zurich

Have you ever thought how it would be to dissolve your ego and how the universe would look like? Do you maybe have any issues you want to tackle but can't really advance in the process? Do you feel maybe something deep inside that you want to solve but can't really get to it? Would

Ceremonia OTAC 🐸 Mexico

Dr. Octavio Rettig Valle de Bravo Inf: Laura R Coccia +54 9 11 6702-3144 +52 1 55 7086 6841 Vía WhatsApp

Toad ceremonies England – ! Due to lockdown postponed until further notice !

Location: near trainstation Abergavenny (closest airport is Bristol Airport) Dr. Octavio Rettig Hinojosa will visit England (near Hereford) in July to share the sacred toad medicine (also known as Bufo Alvarius or Otac) from the Sonora dessert. The total investment for participation is € 365 or £313 For this you receive: 1 personal bufo alvarius

OTAC Ceremonies Mexico

23 24 October 2020 Cholula Village TATIC NAKÚ Information: 7821022100